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Tron TVM launch recap

TRON has grown to be one of the largest decentralized networks in the world. As of August 30th, 282,859 accounts have been created with an increase of 1,431% since July. Within a 2 months period post mainnet launch, TRON has jumped 11x more in account creation than Ethereum. The number of TRON accounts has been at the same level of EOS. Currently the TRON network single day transaction peak has reached 31% of that of Ethereum. There are now a total of 100 SR candidates, of which the first 27 SR elected will receive a Trophy.

TRON is truly decentralized compared to Bitcoin & Ethereum as DPoS Consensus mechanism allows the TRON community token holders to elect 27 super representatives to run validation of transactions on the TRON network.

Bitcoin Superstore has integrated TRX and exchanges like Kryptono, Coinswitch, Coinex, Bitnovo, Kucoin, and Atomic have all added TRX.

TRON has reached a total of 1,000,000 followers on Facebook and been number one in mentions on Twitter.

TRON has acquired which will be used as a nonprofit searching platform of big data analysis & free of service.

TRON has introduced a proposal to the community in which proposes that candidate rewards for the 127 top SR & candidates will receive 32 TRX instead of 16, to be voted on by the SRs.

TRON has built the infrastructure of web 4.0 & now enters the building of the TRON DApp ecosystem.

TVM is completely compatible with Ethereum, with unique virtual memory, a distinct resource manager, & user-friendly energy consumption model.

The launching of Odyssey 3.0 will go as follows, All nodes will upgrade to 3.0 code, the committee will vote to decide if features of the TVM will be activated, if yes, we will enter the DApp phase (TVM)

Features of version 3.0

TRON Committee

1. Decentralized governance

2. Flexible, Efficient, & Auto Activation

3. ⅔ approved

4. More than 20 parameters to be voted on

5. Features of TVM will be activated by the committee


1. Fully Compatible with Ethereum

2. Innovative Virtual memory mechanism

1. Reduces amount of physical storage

2. Uses bandwidth/energy resources to reduce running cost of DApp on the network

3. Unique resource management model

4. 2C instead of 2B, Smart contract developers will be responsible for the resource consumption reducing resource burden for caller.

Decentralized exchanges;

1. Everyone can issue their own token

2. Everyone can own their own exchange

3. Improves token liquidity

4. Significantly enhances the TRON ecosystem

Database & p2p

1. Easy switch between two databases

2. Improve thread-lock performace (Reduces IO & Improves TPS)

3. Multidimensional Scoring is performed for each node, the best will be selected to fued the network with the best performance, it can defectively protect for DOS attacks, eclipse attacks, TFP connection attacks.

4. One server with multiple scoring (Enhances stability of network/SR nodes)

On September 30th, TRON will release plans & details on multisignature, zero knowledge proof, cross chain & communication. In the next upgrade TRON will introduce plugin mechanism, BFT consensus. Focusing on TVM storage optimization in compiler, instruction & storage optimizations. TRON will support community physical server & multi-IDC back-up plan to enhance physical decentralization of the entire network.

Project Atlas;

TRON has hired from Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Tencent, Airbnb, and other top internet companies which will work on project atlas., Project Atlas will connect the BitTorrent p2p file sharing network & the TRON blockchain network via BitTorrent protocol extension, a custom token & incentive token economy. Users will be incentivized for SEEDING, keeping them seeding the file for longer. Storage & Bandwidth will be infused into the Torrent ecosystem providing highly availability & longer torrent lifetimes. There will be NO mining on the TRON network being safeguarded by the DPoS consensus mechanism. Project Atlas will be backwards compatible with all Torrent products.

TVM Fullnode caller ecosystem;

All applications connect to the TVM full node which is a core service node of blockchain, any webgames, dapps, game engines, developer debugging tools or wallets will call the full node interface, the full node will execute the transaction request from different ends, process & send back results accordingly.

Current process of Full node interface calling from each end, first the developers familiar with the TRON network they may call the full node directly to meet their business demands.

Secondly, if developers would like to develop a web game, they may call the TRON link wallet interface to better realize their business logic, TRON web is encapsulated by JS through full node interface allowing developers to put their app in use beside through TRON box development debugging that integrates and encapsulates TRON web. To help developers debug & employ smart contracts they may have written.

Lastly if a developer would like to develop a sizable game based on game engines or apps they can use tronSDK developed by TRON & encapsulated on a mobile end to realize quick integration & business logic, tronSDK is still under development.

There are 4 steps when a transaction enters the full node & executed;

1. The full node simulates the execution of every transaction to verify its legitimacy filtering out malicious transactions

2. The full node broadcast the transactions to the TRON network which then packages the transaction, then broadcasts back to the full node

3. Full node executes real transaction & updates the database

4. Return to “caller” - from different ends.

BitTorrent’s goal in 2018 is to deliver a new torrent experience for a changing world. Easily connecting your IOS device to your desktop, also Android to desktop.



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